Certified Genetool, Inc sells worldwide and aims to provide life science researchers with certified, refurbished biotech instruments. This enables researchers to access the best technology solutions available with limited a budget. Every instrument is inspected, calibrated and certified before it is rolled out of the door. We also offer installation and service support for selected instruments.

We focus on applications for DNA, Protein and Antibody, Flow Cytometry and Microarray analysis that include products from the following Manufactures: Applied Biosystems (ABI), Illumina, GE, Bio-rad, Beckman, Becton Dickinson(BD), Eppendorf, Perkin Elmer, Molecular Device, Agilent, Waters and AB Sciex. These products include Flow Cytometers, Sequencers, Biosensors (SPR), PCR’s & Real-time PCRs, DNA Synthesizers, Centrifuges, Plate Readers, HPLCs/FPLC’s, Imagers, Mass Specs, Microarray Readers and many more.