• Biorad QX200

    Biorad QX200


    The Biorad QX200 provides absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules for EvaGreen or probe-based digital PCR applications. It is the most precise and sensitive digital PCR for a wide variety of applications, has flexible digital PCR chemistry and assay setup, is a simple and easy to use workflow with 96-sample throughput, and has a convenient assay design. The technology uses droplet partitioning that reduces bias from amplification efficiency and PCR inhibitors. 

  • Biorad QX100

    Biorad QX100


    The Biorad QX100 system provides an absolute quantification of target DNA molecules with unrivaled performance in precision, accuracy, and sensitivity for quantitative PCR applications. It allows detection of rare DNA target copies with unmatched sensitivity and measure small fold differences with the highest precision. 

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