• Agilent Fragment Analyzer

    Agilent Fragment Analyzer


    QC bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection increasing lab efficiency. Kits are available allowing you to qualify and quantify DNA and RNA samples. 

  • Beckman PA 800 Plus Analyzer

    Beckman PA 800 Plus Analyzer


    The Beckman PA 800 PLUS  is capable of analyzing ions, small molecules, peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, oligosaccharides, carbohydrates, virus, VLP, cell, bacteria The PA 800 resolves and quantifies proteins by their isoelectric point and molecular weight, provides front-end separation to mass spectrometry and generates high-resolution peptide maps and carbohydrate profiles. The system employs the proteomic process of identification, isolation, fractionation, characterization, evaluation, and diagnosis for the best possible results within the research. 

  • ProteinSimple Maurice

    ProteinSimple Maurice


    The Proteinsimple Maurice is the workhorse for purity, identity, and heterogeneity analysis. It innovates conventional capillary electrophoresis technology to automate protein profiling via size or charge. The method development can be completed within a day and get high-resolution, reproducible data in minutes. 

    The Instrument comes fully certified to mfg. specifications and computer loaded with software. For more details, please contact us.


    *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY).

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