• Tenney Jr Oven

    Tenney Jr Oven


    The Tenney Junior Oven (also known as the temperature test chambers) have been in the market for over 50 years. It is specifically designed for benchtop and floor chambers to have a compact exterior yet an ample interior workspace to maximize valuable floor space. 


    – Space saving design – available as upright or bench versions

    –  Low total cost of ownership

    – Field proven reliability with thousands in use worldwide

    – Vapor-tight, continuously welded interior

    – Easy to use controller


  • TSX Freezer

    TSX Freezer


    The TSX Freezer is a digital interface that eliminates the need for separate chart recorder. Temperature data, events, and maps are seen directly on the touchscreen and can be exported through a USB port. It has advanced security that includes an alarm setting and padlock compatible door. Two inner doors minimize sample exposure to ambient temperatures during retrieval.