Microarray Scanners

  • GENEPIX 4000B

    GENEPIX 4000B


    The GenePix 4000B array scanner sets a new standard in the acquisition and analysis of expression data from DNA microarrays, protein microarrays, tissue arrays and cell arrays. This fully integrated scanner and software system is a product of Axon Instruments’ extensive experience in the design and manufacture of precision scientific instruments and software. Each scanner comes with three GenePix Pro software licenses.

  • GENEPIX 4200A

    GENEPIX 4200A


    The GenePix 4200A scanner from Molecular Devices offers maximum flexibility and automation. The 4200A can have up to four lasers (Red/blue/green/yellow). The GenePix 4200A acquires data at user-selectable resolutions between 5 and 100 microns, allowing optimization of image resolution and file size for each experiment.

  • AXON 4200AL

    AXON 4200AL


    Axon / Molecular Devices Genepix 4200AL microarray scanner is a complete system with autoloader (32 slides) for high through-put microarray scanning. It includes Dell workstation, SCSI card, SCSI cable, software, dongle. Both green and red laser power confirm to Axon spec. Instrument calibrated.


  • AXON-4100



    The Axon 4100 has high-resolution acquisition and automated PMT balanced, dynamic laser power monitoring, increased fluorophore flexibility with 8-position filter wheel, non-confocal optical design, and integrated hardware and software. It allows for optimization of image resolution and file size for each experiment by acquiring data at user-selectable resolutions between 5-100 microns. The laser power in scanner is monitored for each pixel during scanning to ensure constant signal output. Up to six additional filters can be installed, providing additional filters can be installed, providing flexibility to explore alternative dyes. The non-confocal optics of the scanner are specifically designed for microarray imaging.

    The Axon 4100 has the following features:

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