• MultiMACS X Cell Separator

    MultiMACS X Cell Separator


    The MultiMACS X is a high-throughput instrument for laboratories requiring fully automated processing of high sample numbers or sample volumes. Highly pure cells with excellent recoveries can be separated from 1 to 24 samples in parallel using Multi-24 Column Blocks or single columns.

  • MilliQ Direct-Q 3 UV

    MilliQ Direct-Q 3 UV


    The MilliQ Direct-Q 3 UV delivers both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in the lab. It can be equipped with integrated or external reservoirs, designed for under bench, bench, or wall mounting. The system’s built-in UV lamp reduces levels of organics for critical applications.

  • ClonePix 2 Colony Picker

    ClonePix 2 Colony Picker


    The ClonePix2 Mammalian Colony Picker is a fully automated system for the selection of high-value clones used in antibody discovery and cell line development.  Contact us for details. 



  • Branson Sonics Welder 2000X

    Branson Sonics Welder 2000X


    The Branson Sonics Welder 2000 combines precise and consistent high-quality welds with detailed data, fast cycle times, and process control. It can handle the most demanding manufacturing process. The secure process controls and detailed weld data are designed to meet the global compliance, traceability, and security needs of today’s medical, automotive, and business and consumer electronics markets. 

  • Roche MagNA Pure

    Roche MagNA Pure


    The MagNA Pure Compact System is the automated benchtop solution for versatile nucleic acid purification. With its small instrument size, extensive integrated features, and a sample throughput of one to eight samples per run, the system meets the demanding nucleic acid isolation needs of research laboratories with low to medium sample throughput. This unit comes fully certified prior to shipping with 90-day warranty.  A computer loaded with software is also included.



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