PCRs-Thermal Cyclers

  • Proflex PCR

    Proflex PCR


    The Applied Biosystems ProFlex PCR System combines the reliability and performance with the flexible configuration and control features that fits how you work today. Interchangeable block formats allow maximization for throughput or run independent experiments concurrently. The ProFlex PCR System can now be accessed with the Thermo Fisher Connect, giving the freedom to design and securely upload methods and monitor runs from any smartphone or desktop computer.

  • ABI 2720 Thermal Cycler

    ABI 2720 Thermal Cycler


    The ABI 2720 Thermal Cycler is affordable, small and is an industry-standard instrument. Similar to the 9700 but in a more compact package. The unit does not have interchangeable blocks but has high-throughput compatibility 




    The 96-Well GeneAmp PCR System 9700 can now be used with Gold-plated Silver and Aluminum Sample Blocks Modules. The aluminum block has been designed for routine use of PCR reactions and cycle sequencing in a conventional 8 X 12 well format. This allows the 96-well 9700 system to be used in 9600 emulation mode and standard mode.

    Blocks come in: Dual 96, Dual 384, and Dual Flat. 

  • Biorad C1000

    Biorad C1000


    The Biorad C1000 is the thermal cycler than offers superior performance and a large color touch screen for easy programming. The fully modular platform can accommodate different throughput needs with easily interchangeable reaction modules that swap in seconds without tools. Each PCR module has fully adjusted heated lid that supports a wide range of vessels and sealers, including low profile and standard height PCR plates. 

  • Biorad S1000

    Biorad S1000


    The Biorad S1000 combines powerful performance with streamlined features. It can be used as a stand alone instrument for PCR or can be connected to a C1000 touch thermal cycler for additional throughput. It is a flexible platform with a choice of up to 4 interchangeable reaction modules. The thermal cycler has fast ramping and settling times for reliable results and reduced run times. In addition, it has a thermal gradient that quickly and easily identifies optimal temperatures.




    The DNA Engine Tetrad 2 Cycler by Bio Rad features interchangeable blocks to accommodate a variety of tubes, microplates, and slides. It is intuitive, with user friendly software for programming, editing and file management. The Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 offers a choice between calculate temperature control for high speed and accuracy or block temperate control for compatibility with protocols designed for a variety of instrument types. The Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler was designed to handle the demand of high throughput labs looking for more productivity.

  • BIO-RAD PTC 200

    BIO-RAD PTC 200


    The BioRad PTC-200 is a traditional Thermal Cycler is built on the old MJ Research platform. The flexible design of this thermo cycler has the ability to use a variety of alpha blocks configured for different microplates, tubes and slides.

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