Plate Readers

  • BMG Clariostar

    BMG Clariostar


    The BMG Clariostar is the most flexible plate reader for assay developement. It comes equipped with LVR Monochromators, filters, and spectrometer. The instrument combines flexibility with the best sensitivity of its class to make it the idea reader for assay developement.    

  • BMG Fluostar Omega FA

    BMG Fluostar Omega FA


    The BMG FLUOstar Omega is a multi-mode microplate reader with six detection modes. It utilizes an ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer or filters for absorbance in addition to highly sensitive filters for other detection modes. It is the ideal plate reader for life science applications. 

  • Molecular Device Gemini EM Plate Reader

    Molecular Device Gemini EM Plate Reader


    The Gemini EM Microplate Readers with dual monochromators provides a flexible environment to determine the optimal excitation and emission settings for fluorescence intensity assays. Multiple-point well scanning optimizes cell-based assay sensitivity. Comparison of relative fluorescence units between samples is allowed by a unique calibration against an internal standard. Temperature-sensitive reactions are monitored with consistent temperature regulation from ambient to 45°C.

  • Molecular Device Gemini XPS Plate Reader

    Molecular Device Gemini XPS Plate Reader


    The Gemini XPS Microplate Spectrofluorometer from Molecular Devices provides a flexible environment to determine the optimal excitation and emission settings for most fluorescent intensity assays. It has dual monochromators that allow users to utilize new and novel dyes without purchasing expensive filter sets. SoftMax Pro Software, included with every Gemini XPS Reader, provides convenient data analysis. 

  • Molecular Device ThermoMax Plate Reader

    Molecular Device ThermoMax Plate Reader


    This is a Molecular Devices Thermomax 96 well Absorbance Microplate Readers. It has a 340-750nm Spectral Range. 5 second read per plate. Single or dual wavelength read, kinetic readings, automix, endpoint, and blank pattern, curve fits included with PC Software.Thermomax model provides thermal control and vertical shake, perfect for kinetic readings involving growth curves. Touch keypad membrane panel with printer or control with various software PC or PC/MAC software. 

  • Molecular Devices Gemini XS Plate Reader

    Molecular Devices Gemini XS Plate Reader


    The Molecular Devices Gemini XS Fluorescent Microplate Reader lets you experiment with a variety of fluorophores and can even find the best excitation and emission wavelengths for new assays. It can read a variety of sample formats from 6- to 384-well microplates in endpoint, kinetic, spectral scan, and well scan modes.  The highly accurate machine is capable of high reproducibility, offering RFU comparisons between samples, consistent temperature monitoring, sample mixing through Automix, and correct reader settings with AutoPMT electronics.





    The upgradeable SpectraMax M5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader comes with the standard five modes of detection with the upgrade option to add HTRF at a later time. Your applications, your modes, your choice.

  • Molecular Device M5e

    Molecular Device M5e


    The Molecular Device M5e has assay flexibility where the optical system uses two scanning monochromators so you can determine the optimal excitation and emission settings, resulting in assay performance similar to that of dedicated single-mode readers. It has better absorbance accuracy, where measuring sample depth with no temperature dependency. The instrument has increased throughput and can hold up to 50 plates. 

  • Molecular Device M2e

    Molecular Device M2e


    The SpectraMax M2e are multidetection microplate readers with dual-monochromators, dual-mode cuvette ports, and top- and bottom-reading capability. The detection modalities include absorbance and fluorescence intensity. The instrument provides easy conversion and optimization of very low throughput to medium high throughput assays, faster, and more precise results and reagent savings. The combined absorbance and fluorescence intensity assays can be run by issuing a single read command.