BLI / SPR / Label Free

  • Octect Red QK

    Octect Red QK


    The Octet QK increases sensitivity and dynamic range for protein quantitation, excellent signal resolution for measuring protein and peptide kinetics, and greater operation cost savings with biosensor re-racking and regeneration. It has two acquisition rate settings and a high-performance spectrometer, which combines to provide greater sensitivity and a wider dynamic range for protein quantification and kinetic analysis. 

  • Gator Label-Free Analysis

    Gator Label-Free Analysis


    The Probelife Gator allows users to start an assay and come back to review results without having to initiate analysis in a separate step. To enhance efficiency, quantitation, kinetics, and regeneration can be combined into a single run. 

    -shorter prep, straightforward, flexible assay protocols 

    -up to 8 assays in parallel

    -less than 30 min to quantitate 96 antibody samples

    -real time kinetic binding from 1 min to 4 hours 



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