AKTA Prime Plus

  • AKTA Prime Plus


    The AKTA Prime Plus is a versatile and compact one-step purification system designed to perform general purification tasks, which includes HIC, ion exchange, affinity chromatography, buffer exchange, and gel filtration. The system operates efficiently with most pre-packed columns (such as HiTrap, HiLoad, and HiPrep columns) that easily snap onto the side of the unit. 

    The instrument is: 

    Specific, quick, push-button methods
    Easy unpacking and installation
    High accuracy and reproducibility
    Simple-to-use, pre-programmed templates
    Flow rates up to 50 ml/min and pressures up to 1 MPa
    Method templates for all common chromatography techniques
    Optimal results with HiTrap, HiPrep and HiLoad prepacked columns

    *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)

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