ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I UltraCentrifuge

  • ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I UltraCentrifuge


    The ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I can be used in research automation, flow cytometry, centrifugation, cellular analysis, genomics products, and particle characterization. By analyzing proteins as interacting elements instead of in isolation, the ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I more closely approximates true physiological conditions by considering the protein’s conformation (folded or unfolded), assembly reversibility (interacting systems), stoichiometry (associative state), and heterogeneity (aggregation). 

    The ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I (Optima XLI70k) This unit was manufactured in 2014 and is in excellent condition. It has only 96769x10k rotations, equivalent to 300 hours running time.

    – Rotors for this centrifuge: An-60 Ti rotor/ An-50 Ti rotor:

    – Maximum speed: 60,000 rpm / 50,000rpm

    – Number of rotor holes: 4 (3 for sample cells; 1 for counterbalance)/ 8 (7 for sample cells; 1 for counterbalance)

    – The Beckman XLI-70K comes certified with a 90-day warranty prior to shipping.

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