Beckman FX HOTEL

  • Beckman FX HOTEL


    The Beckman FX is a versatile pipetting robot that is equipped with two pipetting heads, a 96 channel fix, and a Span 8 channel (that can be programmed per individual channel), which gives this device a high flexibility. 


    96 channel pipetting head with gripper, Pod1
    8 channel flexible pipetting head, Pod2
    Pipetting range 1-200 ul
    17 labware positions (ALPs) on the deck
    One position can function as a stirrer
    Cytomat Plate Hotel for storage of up to 252 plates/tipboxes
    Plate loader delivers the plates to the Biomek
    Barcode reader
    Suitable for 96 and 384 well titer plates
    Sterile environment
    Biomek and SAMI software driven

    *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)

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