Beckman MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

  • Beckman MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter


    Beckman Coulter’s MoFlo XDP cell sorter is a high-speed sorting flow cytometer that enables a wide variety of applications. 

    This Beckman MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter is configured with 5 lasers.  

    Ultra high-speed flow cytometer with the following performance specifications and components:

    . Open optical and electronic design allows easy upgrading of lasers and fluorescence channels

    . Digital pulse processing with zero dead time

    . 5-decade dynamic range with 32-bit data processing

    . Trigger off any parameter, any laser

    . Analysis speeds up to 100,000 cells/sec

    · Sort speeds up to and greater than 70,000 cells/sec

    · 100 MHz sample rate

    · Digital base-line restoration

    · Performance is independent of the number of lasers, sort gates, compensation or sort directions
    Initial configuration

    – Manufactured in 2010

    – MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter (3 lasers, 9 colors)

    – BASE UNIT, MOFLO, W/ 3′ X 4′ BENCH

    – 488NM, 200 MW, CDHR, W/ OPTICS SET

    – DIODE, 642NM, 75MW, W/ OPTICS SET


    – Aerosol Evacuation 220V

    – Air Compressor 220V

    – Vacuum Pump 220

    Upgraded in 2014

    1. PL00023-2 – Co-lase tower Path 2

    – Coherent CUBE 405nm 100mW laser

    – Coherent Sapphire 561nm 100mW laser

    – Custom shaping and steering optics

    2. PL00082 (Custom) Co-lase filter set, 561nm, 5 color

    – POD config with CFP

    Please contact us for more details.  

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