Roche MagNA Pure

  • Roche MagNA Pure


    The MagNA Pure Compact System is the automated benchtop solution for versatile nucleic acid purification. With its small instrument size, extensive integrated features, and a sample throughput of one to eight samples per run, the system meets the demanding nucleic acid isolation needs of research laboratories with low to medium sample throughput. This unit comes fully certified prior to shipping with 90-day warranty.  A computer loaded with software is also included.



    Special Features include the following: 

    – Automate 1 to 8 samples with a smart, small, and simple instrument.

    – Obtain high-quality nucleic acids from diverse sample types with proven reagent chemistry

    – Choose different sample and elution volumes for a broad range of sample materials (see Figures 3 and 4).

    – Document kit information and track samples using the barcode reader.

    – Save time and minimize contamination risk with prefilled reagents and disposables, synchronized stage movement, an integrated HEPA filter, and UV decontamination.

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