GE AKTA Avant 25M Chromatography System

  • GE AKTA Avant 25M Chromatography System


    ÄKTA Avant is a preparative protein purification chromatography system designed for fast and secure development of scalable methods and processes. The ÄKTA Avant 25 is optimized for resin screening and method optimization using small HiTrap and HiScreen columns. 

    This 2015 AKTA Avant 25 M-model is fully Certified by our GE-trained service tech. The instrument comes with a workstation that is pre-loaded with Unicorn 6.3 software and a 90-day warranty is included.


    Parameter ÄKTA avant 25
    Application Fast and secure process development and scale-up
    Application supported Affinity Chromatography, Gel Filtration/ Size Exclusion Chromatography, Ion Exchange Chromatography and Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
    Flow Rate 0.001 mL/min-25 mL/min
    Operating Pressure Max. 0-20 MPa (2900 psi)
    Operating Pressure [Sample Pump] Max. 0-10 MPa (1450 psi)
    Tubing i.d. [Flow Path] 0.75 mm
    Multiple Wavelength Detection Yes, up to 3 wavelengths
    UV Wavelength 190-700 nm
    Flow Cell Path Length 2 mm
    pH Monitoring 0–14
    Multiple Sample Injection Yes, up to 7 samples
    Autosampler Injection
    Automatic Buffer Preparation BufferPro
    Buffer Selection 18 buffer inlets, option up to 46
    Multi-Step Purification No
    Relative Humidity 20%-95% (non condensing)
    pH Stability Long Term 1-13
    pH Stability Short Term 1–14
    Viscosity 0.35 to 10 cP (system pump), 0.7 to 10 cP (sample pump)
    Width 860 mm
    Height 660 mm
    Depth 710 mm
    Voltage 100-120/220-240 VAC
    Power Consumption 800 VA
    Protection Class IP 20
    Pump Type Piston pump, metering type
    Safety Certifications 2006/42/EC (MD), 2004/108/EC (EMC), 1999/5/EC (R&TTE)
    Compliance The product fulfills valid directives and standards when used within the conditions specified in the user manual. The product must also be used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare.

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