Beckman JLA 8.1000 Large Chamber Rotor

  • Beckman JLA 8.1000 Large Chamber Rotor


    The JLA 8.1000 Rotor’s main application is for general purpose, large-volume processing, pelleting of bacteria, cell organelles, viruses, and precipitates. The empty rotor and windshield weight are 16.8kg. 


    Platform Avanti
    Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (High Performance)
    Angle 20
    Maximum RPM 8,000 rpm
    k-Factor 2,482
    Number of Tubes 6 1,000.00; mL 95.00 / 6 1,000.00; mL 3.74015748031496
    Nominal Capacity 6,000.00|mL
    rMAX 222.8
    rMIN 119
    rAV 171 mm
    BioSafe Bio-Certified
    Materials Anodized Aluminum

    *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)

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