BIO-RAD CFX96/384 Real-Time PCR

  • BIO-RAD CFX96/384 Real-Time PCR


    COVID-19 APPROVED! This six-channel Bio-Rad CFX96 OR CFX384 system combines advanced optical technology with precise thermal control to deliver sensitive and reliable detection. It can set up runs quickly and amplification traces can be monitored in real-time on the integrated Keypad or LCD touch screen.

    Key Features

    • Data can be selected to be exported into the format you prefer.
    • The Bio-Rad CFX96/384 has up to five target detection with sample volumes as low as 10 μL. It has unsurpassed thermal cycling performance with easy to use software.
    • Excitation is detected by 6 filtered LED’s
    • Optical detection is performed by 6 filtered photodiodes
    • 450-730nm range of excitation/emission wavelengths
    • Detects one copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
    • The dynamic range is 10 orders of magnitude.

    FuFully Re-furbished, calibration/alignment to factory standard.

    *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)

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