• Agilent 2200 TapeStation

    Agilent 2200 TapeStation


    The Agilent 2200 TapeStation system automates RNA, DNA and protein sample QC, including sample loading, separation, and imaging. The system Includes 2200 TapeStation instrument, laptop with 2200 TapeStation software, accessories, consumables and user information.


    – Flexible and scalable throughput – switches easily between tube strips and 96-well microplates

    – Fast – Results are obtainable in one minute per sample

    – Simple to use – Simplify your workflow with ready-to-use ScreenTape consumables

    – Excellent reproducibility –Minimal manual intervention required with the use pre-packaged




    The Agilent Tapestation 4200 Bioanalyzer offers a full range of sizing applications for DNA and RNA. The Agilent 4200 TapeStation system is a complete solution for your NGS workflow, offering high levels of flexibility in a simplified workflow with ready-to-use ScreenTapes. Unattended analysis of size, concentration, and integrity is brought to you by the fully automated sample processing. 

  • Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

    Attune NxT Flow Cytometer


    The Attune NxT Flow Cytometer can be equipped with up to 4 lasers and 16 detection channels.  Sample preparation is simplified;  No-wash, no-lyse sample prep options with clog-resistant fluidics.  Feel at ease with the Clog resistant, walk-away automation—Plate autosampler.

  • BD LSRFortessa with HTS

    BD LSRFortessa with HTS


    This 2017 4 laser BD Biosciences LSR Fortessa Cell Analyzer with HTS comes certified with 90-day warranty.  Computer loaded with software is also included. Contact us for more details. 


  • Beckman Coulter Optima XLI-70K Protein Characterization Ultracentrifuge

    Beckman Coulter Optima XLI-70K Protein Characterization Ultracentrifuge


    Beckman Coulter ProteomeLab XLI (Optima XLI-70k) Protein Characterization Ultracentrifuge

    – It has only 96769x10k rotations, equivalent to 300 hours running time.

    – MFR date: 2014

    – Rotors for this centrifuge: An-60 Ti rotor/ An-50 Ti rotor:

    – Maximum speed: 60,000 rpm / 50,000rpm

    – Number of rotor holes: 4 (3 for sample cells; 1 for counterbalance)/ 8 (7 for sample cells; 1 for counterbalance)

    – The Beckman XLI-70K comes certified with a 90-day warranty prior to shipping.

  • Beckman J26- XPI High Speed Centrifuge

    Beckman J26- XPI High Speed Centrifuge


    The Avanti J-26S XPI is a refrigerated, High performance and Large Volume centrifuge.  Max Speed is 100 to 26,000 RPM.

    This Unit features: 

    • Routine processing such as sample preparations, pelleting, extractions, purifications, concentrations, phase separations, and spin column and spin filter centrifugations.

    • Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, and cell debris.

    • Preparation of subcellular organelles such as mitochondria, nuclei, chloroplasts, and crude microsomes.

    • Separation of blood cells and cellular components.

    • Pelleting of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

    • Gradient separation, for example, Ficoll-Hypaque and Percoll.

    • Nucleic acid precipitation. • Virus isolation.

    • Bacteriophase isolation




    description   2 buffer inlets
    mfr. no.   GE Healthcare, 29-0220-94
    parameter   (single wavelength)
      0.5 Mpa max. pressure (operating)
      0.5 Mpa max. pressure (operating, sample pump)
      0.5-5 mL/min flow rate
    pathlength   2 mm , flow cell
    viscosity   0.6-5 cP
  • MultiMACS X Cell Separator

    MultiMACS X Cell Separator



    High-throughput cell separator for fully automated magnetic cell labeling and isolation.

  • Roche Cobas Z 480 Real-Time PCR

    Roche Cobas Z 480 Real-Time PCR


    The Cobas Z 480 Real-Time PCR Analyzer has the following features:

    • COVID-19 Approved

    • Real-time PCR with digital data capture provides accurate qualitative results with no gray zone

    • Elimination the need for equivocal sample retesting

    • Advanced results algorithm eliminates the need for manual curve analysis

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