Beckman FX



The Biomek FX is designed to meet all your Liquid handling needs. Our technician updates all the boards to ensure you have the latest and best performing unit. It can be configured with either one or two pipetting pods.


–High-capacity deck with Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs) –Choice of a 96- or 384-multichannel pipetting head, or opt for a pin-tool system for high-density replication tasks. –Multichannel pod heads that are easily swapped out for maximum flexibility and system reconfiguration. –Span-8 configuration –Dual-pod system for maximum efficiency.

We currenlty have the Beckman FX Dual arm/span 8 available with 96 or 384 well plate head. We also offer local service contacts on these units.

Ask us about our standard FXP or NXp model.