Certified Typhoon FLA 7000

typhoon FLA 7000

The Typhoon FLA 7000 (IP) image analyzer offers high performance, multifunctionality, and high-speed readings.

Key Features:

– High-sensitivity autoradiographs detection using storage phosphor screens.

– Up to Four lasers and multiple filters enabling the use of a variety of fluorescent dyes and detection methods. Unit equipped with one laser (red laser for phosphorus imaging) is considered the FLA 7000IP.

– Data is aquired through high resolution, sensitivity and wide range linearity.

– Compatibility with various types of samples; fluorescent labels, fluorescent dyes, CBB stain, silver stain, X-ray film, and storage phosphor screens.

Certified GeneTool is now servicing the Typhoon FLA 7000 and can accomodate your needs. Contact us for more information

Fully Re-furbished to factory standard. Comes with Screens, computer loaded with software and 90-day warranty in US and Canada.