Certified GE AKTA Explorer 10 or 100


Description: The AKTA Explorer can be configured according to flow rate (10 ml/min 0r 100ml/min)(pressure 10 MPa) or 10 ml/min (pressure 25 MPa). The AKTAexplorer has been the industry standard for fast and robust method development. It’s versatility and reliable operation have made it the preferred choice for laboratories involved in method and process development.

The AKTA Explorer systems include an extensive column library with details of run parameters for each pre-packed column. When the user selects a column, the AKTA Explorer instinctively sets the column volume, flow rate and pressure limit parameters into the method template. This automatic configuration protects the system from damaging events including over pressure. Previous experience and special knowledge become unnecessary in optimizing product features. The AKTA Explorer System is available in 2 variations, the AKTA Explorer 10 and the AKTA Explorer 100.

Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard.

90 day warranty.