Certified MD Gemini XPS Pate Reader

Gemini XPS

Description: The Gemini XPS Microplate Reader with dual monochromators lets you experiment with a variety of fluorophores and can even find the best excitation and emission wavelengths for new assays. Multiple-point well scanning optimizes cell-based assay sensitivity. Develop new fluorescence assays without having to purchase expensive filter sets.

Wavelength Range - Excitation 250-850 nm

Wavelength Range - Emission 360-850 nm


–ELISAs and immunoassays

–Nucleic acid (DNA) quantitation

–Protein quantitation

–Reporter gene assays

–Cell viability, proliferation, and cytotoxicity

–Enzyme assays

–Transporter assays


–Microbial growth

Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard.

90 day warranty.