• Agilent 2200 TapeStation

    Agilent 2200 TapeStation


    The Agilent 2200 TapeStation system automates RNA, DNA, and protein sample QC, including sample loading, separation, and imaging. The system includes the 2200 TapeStation instrument, a laptop preloaded with 2200 TapeStation software, and a 90-day warranty(US/Canada).


  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

    Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer


    The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based platform for sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA and RNA featuring hypersensitivity. The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is faster than standard gel electrophoresis as it can analyze 12 samples in 30 minutes, while also providing high quality digital data. Used for 2nd generation sequencer (NGS) sample qualification.

  • Beckman UltraCentrifuge

    Beckman UltraCentrifuge


    We provide multiple Ultra Centrifuges that come fully certified with 90-day warranties. These units are perfect for any scientific development and research.  For specific model, please inquire.  

  • ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I UltraCentrifuge

    ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I UltraCentrifuge


    The ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I can be used in research automation, flow cytometry, centrifugation, cellular analysis, genomics products, and particle characterization. By analyzing proteins as interacting elements instead of in isolation, the ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I more closely approximates true physiological conditions by considering the protein’s conformation (folded or unfolded), assembly reversibility (interacting systems), stoichiometry (associative state), and heterogeneity (aggregation). 

  • Beckman Optima XPN-100 UltraCentrifuge

    Beckman Optima XPN-100 UltraCentrifuge


    The Beckman Optima XPN-100 is a current model that will ensure all your needs are met. It offers multi-layered Biosafety features for a productive and safe work environment through its advanced networking capability, customizable security, and tracking features, ensuring chain of custody and compliance. 

  • BECKMAN XE-90 UltraCentrifuge

    BECKMAN XE-90 UltraCentrifuge


    With all the features you expect, along with many advanced functions you won’t find anywhere else, the OptimaTM XE simplifies use while offering secure loading for efficient, worry-free separations. With an intelligent user interface, multi-layered biosafety features, and efficient energy use, the Optima XE is an ideal choice for virtually any lab. The Beckman XE-90 has a Max Speed of 90,000rpm.

  • BECKMAN OPTIMA L-90K UltraCentrifuge

    BECKMAN OPTIMA L-90K UltraCentrifuge


     The Beckman Optima™ L-90K Ultracentrifuge offers the fastest separations possible in the minimum amount of time with its performance capability of 694,000 x g at up to 90,000 rpm. This versatile floor model is compatible with a wide range of superior rotors including zonal and continuous flow for large-volume separations. The Optima™ L-90 K is perfect for applications such as subcellular particles and virus isolations, and high-purity plasmid DNA.

  • BECKMAN OPTIMA LE-80K UltraCentrifuge

    BECKMAN OPTIMA LE-80K UltraCentrifuge


    The Beckman Optima LE-80K Ultracentrifuge offers the fastest separations in a minimum amount of time. It is compatible with a wide range of superior rotors and tubes and is capable of rapid run times, perfect for a broad range of applications. It uses a frequency-controlled, air-control, circuit-drive induction motor that requires no brushes or gears, allowing it to have a high tolerance for rotor imbalance. Operated with a keypad control panel and a digital display that shows parameters for rotor speed, run time, rotor temperature, etc., the Beckman LE-80 K gives both actual values/conditions and set values. 


  • Beckman J26-XPI High-Speed Centrifuge

    Beckman J26-XPI High-Speed Centrifuge


    The Avanti J-26S XPI is a refrigerated, High-performance, and Large Volume centrifuge.  Max Speed is 100 to 26,000 RPM. The J-26S XPI Three-Phase Centrifuge brings standard-setting performance, including high speed, low heat output, imbalance tolerance, and low noise. 


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