Certified Roche MagNA Pure Compact Instrument

Roche Magna Pure

Description: The MagNA Pure Compact System is the automated benchtop solution for versatile nucleic acid purification. With its small instrument size, extensive integrated features, and a sample throughput of one to eight samples per run, the system meets the demanding nucleic acid isolation needs of research laboratories with low to medium sample throughput.

– Automate processing of 1 to 8 samples with a smart, small, and simple instrument.

– Conserve laboratory space by using a compact standalone instrument with a small footprint.

– Obtain high quality nucleic acids from diverse sample types with proven reagent chemistry (see Figures 1 and 2).

– Take advantage of onboard protocols for each type of nucleic acid isolation.

– Choose different sample and elution volumes for a broad range of sample materials (see Figures 3 and 4).

– Document kit information and track samples using the barcode reader.

– Save time and minimize contamination risk with prefilled reagents and disposables, synchronized stage movement, an integrated HEPA filter, and UV decontamination.

– Benefit from our excellent worldwide service and technical support.

Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard.

90 day warranty.