COVID-19 Detection Kits Now Available

We are now a Distributor for COVID-19 Testing Kits. The test is based on a proprietary isothermal amplification technology termed OMEGA amplification. This is a real-time fluorescent isothermal assay on raw samples without RNA extraction. The test is based on a proprietary isothermal amplification technology termed OMEGA amplification OMEGA primer sets are designed to specifically detect RNA and later cDNA from the N and ORF-1ab genes of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in nasal, nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal swabs from patients with signs and symptoms of infection who are suspected of COVID-19.

This COVID-19 assay’s key differentiator from current rRT-PCR COVID-19 assays is its ability to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA directly from samples without prior RNA extraction process. Swab specimens are inserted directly into our 1X iAMP COVID-19 Sample Buffer Mix with a 15 min incubation at room temperature and can be directly used for OMEGA isothermal amplification and signal detection. Results are processed within an hour. 

Special Features:
• RNA extraction NOT required
• 1 hour from dry swab to final result.
• Up to 94 samples per instrument run.
• 2000 copies of viral RNA per swab.
• Flexibility: any number of samples from 1 to 94 per round.

Technical Specs:
– Sample Types: Nasal Swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs and/or oropharyngeal swabs collected dry with a Sample Collection Device.
– Reaction Volume: 25 µl
– Reaction Time Per Sample: ~60min including sample processing
– Sensitivity: 60 copies per reaction
– Instruments: Compatible with Bio-Rad CFX96, ABI 7500, ABI 7900, Roche 480 and other commonly used RT-qPCR instruments with FAM and HEX fluorescent channels.

PACKAGE DEAL: A 5% discount will be given off any instrument when COVID-19 testing kits are also purchased.  See below for approved instruments.

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