Specialties: DNA Sequencers, Flow Cytometry, PCRs and Real-time PCRs, Biosensors, Centrifuges/Rotors, Plate Readers, Imagers, Microarray Scanners, Bioanalyzers, FPLCs/HPLCs

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BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer

on April 2, 2017

Description: BD FACSCanto II system features many innovations. The optics of the BD FACSCanto II system consist of an excitation source with up to three lasers: blue (488-nm, air-cooled, 20-mW solid state) & red (633-nm, 17-mW HeNe). A third violet (405-nm, 30-mW solid state) laser can be added at an additional cost. . BD FACSCanto II has several options - Please ask – BD FACS Loader – BD High Throughput Sampler

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Refrubished BD FACSCanto Flow Cytometers

on April 2, 2017

Description: The BD FACSCanto cell analyzer can be configured according to your needs. This unit comes equipped with 2 lasers (red/blue) but a 3rd laser can be added at an additional cost. It features reliable performance and accurate results for experiments requiring up to 10 parameters. A fixed alignment flow cell minimizes startup time and improves reproducibility. Numerous innovations make the system easy to use, powerful, and productive. Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard.

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Quant Studio 12K Real Time PCR

on January 30, 2017

Description: This Certified Used Quant Studio 12K Real-Time PCR, 96 well block is available with computer loaded with software. 90 day warranty also included. Get a Quote

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BD FACSAria Flow Cytometer

on January 4, 2017

Description: The BD FACSAria cell sorter is your best choice for flow cytometry. We offer several FACSAria Models. The FACSAria I, FACSAria II, and FACSAria III. These Used FACSArias are Certified and come with a 90 day warranty. Fluidics cart, computer loaded with BD FACSDiva™ software v6.1.3 or later included. We also offer Service Contracts on our untis. Specifications –Detect up to 20 colors, for a total of 18 parameters

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