Certified GeneTool aims to provide life science researchers with certified, refurbished biotech instruments, enabling researchers to access the best technology solutions available with limited budget. Every instrument has been inspected, calibrated and certified before it is rolled out of the door. We also offer installation and service support for selected instruments.

We Specialize in the Following Instruments:

  • DNA Sequencers
  • PCRs and Real-time PCRs
  • DNA Synthesizers
  • Biosensors
  • Flow Cytometers
  • Centrifuges/Rotors
  • Plate Readers
  • Imagers
  • Microarray Scanners
  • Bioanalyzers
  • Liquid Handlers
  • Laser Dissect Microscopes

Wanted Instruments:

  • Biacore T100 or T200
  • ABI 3730xl or 3130xl
  • BD FACSCanto II
  • BD FACSAria I, II or III
  • Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive Mass Spec